About Us

“Sister Project Incorporated is a not-for-profit social enterprise, based in Ellenbrook, Perth.

Through connection, skill-sharing, and entrepreneurship, our mission is to support and empower

women from diverse backgrounds to improve their confidence, mental and physical wellbeing and

help create a sense of belonging. 


We meet weekly, hold English classes and workshops where women can teach and learn new skills.
We have regular visits from
'experts'  who can connect us to their services.
We actively assist women to look for work or set up their own businesses.

Each week we focus on our health with Zumba, Yoga and Learn-to-Swim classes.


Sister Project is also a platform where migrant women can sell their art, craft and cooking to members

of the community through markets and through social media. Sister Project takes a holistic approach

to supporting women so that they are strengthened to look after themselves and their loved ones.“